About the Wiley Protocol®
Could Biomimetic Dosing be the Answer to Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Bio-identical hormones can only be truly bio-identical if the hormones for replacement mimic not only those chemically found in the body, but also mimic the natural biological process as well.

New research shines bright light on healthy hormone replacement therapy (HRT), suggesting that women must cycle their hormones and have a menstrual bleed to be truly safe from cardiovascular events. According to a recent Danish study, a combined cyclic regimen with monthly bleeding creates a lower cardiovascular risk for women than continuous-combined estrogen/ progesterone/ progestin therapy, which does not cause a menstrual bleed. The study also found that overall there was no increased risk of heart attacks in current users of HRT compared to women who had never taken hormones.

Bio-identical hormones can only be truly bio-identical if the hormones for replacement mimic not only those chemically found in the body, but also mimic the natural biological process as well.

The Wiley Protocol® is a trademarked, patent protocol hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery system.  It consists of biomimetic estradiol and progesterone in a topical cream preparation -- dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by your body when you were 20 years-old.

The creams and their amounts are designed to vary throughout the 28 day cycle because your youthful hormone levels naturally fluctuate. The Wiley Protocol targets age 20 as a baseline because heart disease and stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are not usual concerns for a healthy young individual. Approximately 80% of women with a uterus who have used the WP have had perfectly normal regular menstrual periods every 28 days. It is recommended that women without a uterus use the Wiley Protocol Lunar Calendar™* (See Calendar Definition section.)

Why the Wiley Protocol®?

The Wiley Protocol is the only HRT that has been developed under the scrutiny of a practicing Oncologist. Over the last five years anecdotal statistics have been gathered from thousands of women ages 19 - 90, at meetings, who are on the Protocol, suggesting a profile of safety and efficacy. Choosing the Wiley Protocol is not only a vote for nature, it is also a vote for science.

The Wiley Protocol and its multi-phasic physiologic dosing will be part of a new study called Bioidentical Hormones On Trial, or B.H.O.T., a comparison of patterns of administration and dosing of compounded bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT) at the University of Texas in Tyler, Texas. The principal investigator for the study is Assistant Professor Janith Williams, DNP, WHNP, RNC, and the co principal investigator is Julie Taguchi, MD, physician and research coordinator at Sansum Clinic Santa Barbara, California. This study will be the first of its kind to track and quantify outcomes based on dosing and patterns of administration of BHT. The principal objective of the study will be to examine clinical outcomes and quality of life indicators of patients receiving BHT at 10 to 12 primary care provider's practices.

There are many forward-thinking doctors and pharmacists throughout the country that understand T.S. Wiley’s rhythmic protocol as a true scientific breakthrough.

The Wiley Protocol in Relation to the Women’s Health Initiative

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) has created apprehension about hormone therapy. Please note that these concerns are based on the “Standard of Care” approved synthetic used in this study such as Premarin and PremPro.

We believe in caution about synthetics is well deserved.  Even if considered a natural mixture of estrogens because they are derived from a pregnant mare or horse, they are types of estrogen that are never found naturally in the human body. These estrogen types are more potent and more persistent than human 17-beta estradiol and it has been found to have some very undesirable effects on women.

In addition, they were statically dosed (the same doses every day) and not given according to the natural rhythms of the body.

How to get the Wiley Protocol®?

We are proud to acknowledge that numerous physicians have been working with the Wiley Protocol® and T.S Wiley for nearly ten years and we continue to sign up medical practitioners. We have a list of Doctors and Pharmacists (LINK) here on our website. The doctor will prescribe the WP for you and send your prescription to a Wiley Registered Pharmacy™. When you call any of these doctors please be very specific that you are requesting the Wiley Protocol® and that you know the prescription must go to a registered WP pharmacy to be authentic.