Doctor Testimonials
Gretchen Jones-Bressert

“I have been practicing BHRT for the past four years when my own hormones started to decline rapidly. I began to research options for myself. I, like many of my patients, began googling bio-identical hormone therapy. Started to read Dr. John Lee’s books, Dr. Uzzi Reiss’s books. Found other by reading their index pages of where they got their information from. Somehow I stumbled upon T. S. Wiley and read her book, Sex, Lies, and Menopause. I knew instantly that cyclic hormone therapy was the answer to try. It made sense to me. That’s how we replace other hormones when they are gone, so why wouldn’t we replace out cyclic/rhythmic hormones cyclically/rhythmically as well?

In less than one year I was off all my “symptom” medication. I no longer needed anti anxiety medication, sleeping medication, heart palpitation medication, and thyroid medication. I had energy again. I slept again. My skin and hair felt great again. My weight was easy to maintain. I started immediately offering it to my patients and saw the same results.

I, like other prescribers, noticed that some patients had problems with absorption. I found that the starting dose of the Wiley hormones wasn’t enough for most of my patients (including myself) and would have to titrate them up after clinical evaluation and lab testing. When I got them cycling between 150 pg/ml to 500 pg/ml on average, they did great! I also find that really finding out how m y patients were applying the creams mattered as well. Were they applying it to the upper arms, inner thighs, forgetting to apply the evening dose, missing doses all together, etc? And it isn’t perfect for everyone, but even those it wasn’t acting “perfect” with felt better using the cyclic/rhythmic dosing than not being on the hormones at all and would refuse to stop using them.”

Here is a recent email from one of my patients, typical of the type I get from my patients all the time.

I just had to say THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for me. I was out with a group of friends this weekend that I haven’t seen in some time. All throughout the dinner each one of the couples randomly kept gushing as to how wonderful I look. It was almost embarrassing after a while. And it’s all because of you! I told them about you and the hormone replacement creams….but I don’t think they were listening. They just said that I had found the ‘fountain of youth’. I have lost a few more pounds which helps too. But seriously, THANKS YOU from the bottom of my heart. You have given me back the confidence I had lost.


“I know I will never stop using the Wiley Protocol, it has literally improved my life in every possible way and have given me my life back to me. It is my mission to change the way the Standard of Care is treating women in regards to hormone deficiency. Menopause is not temporary. It is permanent for as long as you live after you stop producing estradiol and progesterone. You should have the knowledge and choice to replace those vital hormones as you age.”

Gretchen Jones-Bressert.
Edith Del Mar Behr
I love what the protocol does for my patients and me personally...optimal living at it's best...there is great appreciation here for Susie Wiley and her peeps... Keep up the spectacular work.
Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read
I attended the Wiley seminar 2 years ago and I can truly say that the teaching that I received during these “Two Days Back on Earth” has helped me tremendously in my every day practice for the treatment of my patients with hormonal issues.

The first part of the conference is breath taking; it gives a new perspective to our role as anti-aging health care professionals, pointing out the importance of the natural biological hormonal rhythms that need to be kept in harmony with all other cycles of nature and the environment.

Both the evidence- based approaches as well as the amount of science presented by TS Wiley to support her protocol are impressive. The practical aspect of the seminar with hands-on material and group brainstorming with interesting case-studies allows the attendees to immediately apply their new knowledge and develop their personal skills to adjust the protocol to various patients’ needs.

I appreciate all the efforts that TS Wiley and her team make to keep us up-to-date with recent research on anti-aging and health and I find their newsletter very informative.

I have been prescribing the protocol for numerous patient since my first seminar and I can tell that the feedback if extremely positive. I shall be attending the new seminar this month and I am excited to discover the new material and information that is going to be presented then.

Dr. Rebecca Provorse
I have been prescribing the Wiley Protocol to patients for five years and I consistently see them feeling better on these rhythmic dosing protocols, rather than on static HRT. In addition to improved energy, sleep and vitality, I see many clinical markers which are worth mentioning: improved cholesterol profiles, increased bone density and stabilized thyroid values. Endometriosis does not recur and fibroids usually cease being a problem. Metabolically, patients are better positioned to lose excess weight, normalize blood sugar/insulin and reduce sources of inflammation. The Wiley Protocol returns patients to an appropriate homeostatic state, facilitating healing in the individual.
Jennifer Lehto RN CPMHN(C)
I have been a exuberant, very vocal advocate for biomimetic hormone restoration and extremely satisfied user of The Wiley Protocol since February 2009. Now at 53.8 chronological years and compliant with twice daily application for 22 months I believe the Protocol has been the major factor in 'youthenizing' me. I am well on my way to living this life rectangularly versus triangularly. ( Take a moment and picture the symbols in your mind.:)) I have been amazed by the transformation both from subjective and objective views.

During the fall 2008, I began experiencing extreme brain fog especially at work. It was also noted by others. That was combined with increasing episodes of urinary incontinence when running or jumping. I knew then that even with all my healthy living practices, I had entered the downward chute and my minor sex hormones were depleting rapidly. In retrospect, I had many other perimenopausal signs and symptoms for up to 10 years but they were not as bothersome.

I knew I didn't want the standard of care which was Premarin and Progestin but I had a knowledge deficit of what else I could use or ask my physician to prescribe. Over the fall months I researched much of studies and commentaries from Europe as I felt that the use in their practices of a combination of pharmaceuticals, homeopathics, compounded medicines, and nutraceuticals were more widely accepted than in Canada and the USA. It was only in December 2008 that in lamenting to a friend where was I to obtain european hormone regimes in North America , she mentioned the book 'Ageless'. I balked at first when told the author was Suzanne Somers but read it and then 'Sex, Lies and Menopause' by T.S. Wiley. I believed before reading these two books that hormones needed to be properly restored in a rhythmic/cyclic manner and not statically for optimum benefit. Now I knew what was available and I wanted it! Because there was no physician in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada who even had any knowledge of The Wiley Protocol, I decided to see a California doctor during a planned trip to a conference in January 2009.

Dr Gregory Wolf was wonderful in getting me started and following my progress. I had another in person appointment again with him in January 2010 and have communicated with him at other times via telephone and email.

The esthetic benefits have been nice but to others I looked good and healthy before I began the Protocol. What I am more enthusiastic about (and of course, tell everyone) are the results of the laboratory panels and the breast and uterus/abdominal ultrasounds. Without going into a lot of detail, my 10 year history of cysts in my breasts and fibroids/ endometriosis in my uterus/abdomen disappeared and these results were confirmed by ultrasound 8 months after beginning the Protocol! There have been so many other improvements in my total body health and well-being.

Thumbs up to T.S. Wiley for a hormone restorative protocol as it should be!

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