Study Was NOT About Bioidenticals

Sanya Gupta

Study and News Media Causes Alarm: It was NOT About Bioidenticals

Once again we are on the defense against a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reporting an association between hormone use and ovarian cancer.
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta

You may have heard it in the news when CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported the study results. The problem is: the study is NOT talking about bioidentical hormones. It refers to synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormone replacement, not balanced, with progestins, is harmful. Here’s the reality of what you need to know, understand, remember and explain to both doctors and other women alike.

This particular study culled the health records of nearly 1 million Danish women, and researchers found a 38 percent greater risk of ovarian cancer among women who were currently taking hormone therapy.

What’s the bottom line?  900,000 women studied over 10 years showed that ovarian cancer was up 30 to 40 percent whether women were on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for six months or 10 years.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the makers of PremPro, made this comment: The findings in the study do not change what we already know about the benefits and risks of HRT which is based on data from multiple studies. HRT remains a good health care choice for the appropriate woman seeking relief from moderate to severe menopausal symptoms.

T.S. Wiley says, "This statement may have made sense years ago but it doesn't now.  It wasn’t just the chemical composition of drugs in PremPro that made us sick. It was the dosage too. And there is no doubt Wyeth knows this and still will not withdraw the drug from the marketplace."

In fact, they just released new low dose PremPro, which is even worse.  It was this drug company that provided free drugs for the initial Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) ten years ago, a study of more than 161,000 women which was designed to identify the benefits and risks of using hormone restoration therapy to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Many people, including doctors, still do not realize that the results of WHI Study dealt with only women over 65 who were taking only synthetic hormone replacement therapy which consisted of the drugs PremPro and Premarin only. The study was ended mid-stream in 2002 when WHI investigators found that the risks of this approach using synthetic therapy exceeded the safety limits established at the beginning of the study. They never looked at compounded bio-identical hormones in static doses because they are prescribed and dosed too many different ways.

Synthetic hormones made by the drug companies do increase your risk of cancer and heart disease, but the hormones made in your body don’t.

The Wiley Protocol™ is an alternative to these {synthetic} hormone-like drugs. It is real pure bioidentical hormones that are dosed Biomimetically, or in a rhythm.