Myths About the Wiley Protocol
Myths About the Wiley Protocol

Wiley’s revolutionary discovery is the fact that it’s the rhythm that matters in the accurate physiological replacement of hormones without side-effects for women in the second half of life. Wiley’s findings may have important implications across a wide range of areas, from the treatment of menopause and anti-aging to all of the other diseases of aging such as heart disease and stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

“I believe that T.S Wiley has made one of the most important discoveries in this century- a simple molecular mechanism that up until now, everyone else has missed.” Christian Renna, DO, Santa Monica, California

From time to time we see negative comments about T.S. Wiley and/or the Wiley Protocol from various adversaries, which is typical in any forward thinking science such as biomimetic hormone restoration. TS Wiley is an innovator and innovators always have critics. The Wiley Protocol® is a therapy and no therapy is 100 percent effective for every person all of the time. Here are just a few of the myths:

  • Other medical practitioners who are trying to promote their own products or therapies.
  • Women who have misused the Wiley Protocol, or who were never on it in the first place – the number one misconception, many patients thought they were on the Wiley Protocol, when in fact they were not. In the majority of cases that were brought to our attention, the participants were either not on the Wiley Protocol, or they were changing dosing schedules, ingredients, and/or the amounts of Protocol. This is why Wiley has been fighting for standardization. Reports that T.S. Wiley does not hold a medical degree

At the January 2009 Two Days Back on Earth seminar in Los Angeles, CA, several participating healthcare providers and pharmacists agreed that T.S. Wiley should be known as the “Einstein of hormone receptors,” as stated by Robert Apgar, MD, and worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. “Some people have the ability to look at things and figure them out. I don’t see that anyone understands it better than her,” he said. As we all know, Einstein, along with many other current day geniuses, had educational stumbling blocks.

That is why it is important to know the facts. Just because someone says they took the Wiley Protocol, does not mean that in fact they really did.

T. S. Wiley is a medical theorist in the field of environmental endocrinology and Darwinian Medicine, and a writer and researcher on the use of hormones, particularly in postmenopausal women. She spent eight years in private tutorial in molecular biology with Dr. Bent Formby, PH. D., and has been in private tutorial on Clinical Oncology with Dr. Julie Taguchi since 1998. She has also in the past been a guest investigator at Sansum Medical Research Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

When it comes to our response relating to conflict or adversaries, the bottom line is that they mean less and less to us in importance as more and more people are truly educated about the concept behind the Wiley Protocol and find success using it.

Debunking Rhythmic Living’s“Supra Pharmalogical” Dosage Argument

The Wiley Protocol Progesterone Dosage Schedule (Amounts are cumulative through a 28-day cycle).  The goal is the reach serum levels on Day 21 of 10 - 22 nanograms per ml of serum

Cumulative Amount                   Daily Dosage
APPLIED to skin (mg)

           400                              100mg BID days 14 - 15
          1200                             200mg BID days 16 - 17
          2200                             250mg BID days 18 - 19
          2800                             300mg BID day 20
          3500                             350mg BID day 21-
          4100                             300mg BID day 22
          5100                             250mg BID day 23-24
          5900                             200mg BID day 25 - 26
          6300                             100mg BID day 27-28

Total PROGESTERONE for a cycle is 6300mg or an average of 225 mg per day. Average is an important statistic when considering the potential for overdose due to build up. Rhythmic Living claims that the Day 21 amount is 10 times the "established dose," therefore we can deduce the established dose is 70mg for EVERY SINGLE DAY (most BHRT regimens are flat with no cycling). This means, by their calculations, the WP PROGESTERONE dose over the course of a cycle is roughly three times the normal established BHRT dose, not ten times.

Rhythmic Living: "Transdermal progesterone builds up in the fat base and does not process these doses fast enough. Eventually the fat base is so saturated that progesterone overdosing occurs. Blood testing of transdermal progesterone does not show good results for assessing the saturation of patients. Women have gotten very low blood readings while presenting progesterone overdosing."

If blood testing doesn't show it, and Formby admits there is nothing in the literature about progesterone overdosing, then what secret information does Rhythmic Living have? Women in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy typically do very well with high progesterone levels and have lots of energy. What is the basis for this assumption?
Rhythmic Living: "Pregnancy gives women a progesterone blood level of ~100 ng/ml "

Actually, 3rd trimester is closer to 200ng/ml, and sometimes much, much higher. These levels fall back to normal ranges right before delivery in a matter of days, which leaves one with the conclusion that PROGESTERONE doesn't linger for months.

Rhythmic Living "One month of WP progesterone is equal to 8200 trillion pg/ml. “

First of all, they switched the measure from the scale of nanograms (one billionth of a gram) to picograms (one trillionth of a gram), clearly to inflate the number and make it even more spectacular. Careful scientists take great pains to keep their measurements consistent. The satellite that crashed into Mars a few years ago failed because one program used feet/sec and the other used meters/sec. It’s important to keep them consistent. In any case, this number was derived by taking the entire amount of PROGESTERONE applied to the skin in a 28 day cycle and state it as a concentration in serum. It doesn’t have any meaning. This number, stated as “per milliliter,” is a concentration, not a dosage, and all that is discussed here is amounts APPLIED. A measurement per ml is an instantaneous measurement, it is nonsensical to attach it to a time period like a month, which Rhythmic Living did here. It’s the same as confusing the amount of gas put in a car and miles per gallon.

The monthly dose of 6300mg is equal to 6300 BILLION pg's. But it's not per ml. Besides, they erred on the math anyway and inflated it 3 orders of magnitude (billions to trillions).

Big question: why didn't Dr. Formby catch this? It isn't exactly a little error hidden away on a back page. And this is the man who supposedly has taught Laurel McCubbin (according to her own testimony) how to read studies and separate the “good” ones from the “bad” ones. How? In her own words, she said, by looking at the numbers first. Isn't anyone looking at these numbers?

When hormones enter the blood stream and are not taken up in the first pass, they are metetabolized, they don't stay there. Rhythmic Living has no idea what the concentration of PROGESTERONE is in the blood, it's a highly variable figure and this section is completely meaningless. In healthy young women it is 4-20 ng/ml in the luteal phase, which is the range that the WP attempts to mimic. There are no thousands of trillions, it is inconceivable that anyone could ever come up with that number except to misinform and mislead. Has anyone on the WP ever had a blood test that came back with a reading of 8.200 trillion pg/ml? The answer is no, the readings are almost always less than 20ng/ml. That would be 20,000 pg/ml, so Rhythmic Living is only off by a factor of 400,000,000,000, a wild hyperbole by anyone's measure.

Rhythmic Living "With that kind of progesterone overdosing building up in the fat tissue over time, the supra doses of estrogen aren't even enough to handle the blocking effect of the trillion ng of progesterone. So women on the WP are told to increase the estradiol. See the stories about astronomical hormone escalation."

If you took the WP for roughly 92 million years without missing a dose and ALL of the progesterone stayed in your fat base, with none of it being taken up by receptors or metabolized, then you would achieve this level.

T.S. Wiley was asked to testify before the Special Senate Sub-Committee on Aging at the United States Senate in 2007 in Washington D.C., presenting her expertise with menopause and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and the changing landscape of women’s health in later years, among other research that she left for permanent insertion in the Library of Congress. Wiley addressed the fact that the Safe Compounding Drug Act of 2007 would severely restrict and possibly deny access to critical medications. Her testimony turned the tide for compounders and women using compounded hormones.

“T.S. Wiley’s “Two Days Back on Earth” seminar focuses on solid science and common sense integrating how we fit into the rhythm of the universe and brings a fascinating realization of how to best optimize
our health…Her insight and education in the topic of hormone replacement is exceptional
and her ideas will revolutionize the way we address hormone balance. This was indeed the most
interesting and exciting seminar I have ever attended.”Selma Arain, M.D., Aesthetic Medical Center,
Naperville, Illinois

As the inventor of the Wiley Protocol bioidentical hormone restoration therapy, T.S. Wiley's entire thrust has been and will continue to be standardization of her idea for academic and institutional review. On that note, she has acquired not one, but two “IRB numbers”, one with the University of Texas at Tyler and one, at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. Dr. Julie Taguchi, her co-author and partner in this project has oncology data on 91 cancer patients who have been on the Wiley Protocol for a median of approximately four years, post diagnosis, post standard of care. This data, soon to be published, includes recurrence rates, osteoporosis and thrombotic event data as well as the reason for prescribing to this population - Quality of Life.

Scores of healthcare providers and tens of thousands of patients like Julie and her husband Ola Stensland have had success with the Wiley Protocol biomimetic hormone restoration therapy, and the volume of endorsements from those people is proof of the therapy's effectiveness.

We welcome all experiences with the Wiley Protocol. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or please report any perceived adverse events to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are hopeful that this important information will educate millions of women around the world as to their choices for their futures. T.S. Wiley’s mission is and always has been to help women make better choices and feel better.