Patient Testimonials
42 year old breast cancer survivor

“I am a 42 year old breast cancer survivor, and I have been struggling with hormonal imbalance and weight issues since completing chemotherapy and to top it all off a hysterectomy over a year ago. I have been searching for a solution other than pharmaceuticals to just feel healthy and alive again after many years of suffering. I have been seeing Dr. Bloem for about a month and I have never felt better.  I wish I had met Dr. Bloem 5 years ago.”

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer often feel like they are stuck between a rock and hard place. Even though there is no evidence that there is any relationship between bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the development of any kind of cancer, many doctors believe that hormones should be avoided if a patient has been diagnosed with cancer.

Although conventional cancer specialists routinely recommend surgically removing the tumor, infusing the body with toxic chemicals, and therapies that have anti-hormonal effects, increasing numbers of patients have started to question these treatment strategies. On the one hand we know that patients have survived such therapies, but we also know that many have suffered severe adverse reactions, including death. Many who undergo and survive such therapies experience symptoms of hormone deficiency, causing a dramatically reduced quality of life.

That is why women like this patient choose bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy. This woman is on the Wiley Protocol®, a rhythmically dosed, bio-identical hormone replacement regimen. The results are often life changing, causing symptoms such as depression, dry skin, hair loss, and low libido to improve significantly or to resolve completely.

Joanne Testimonial

I just listened to T.S. Wiley’s podcast and thought she was fantastic. I learned so much. She must do more radio.  Funny and interesting in a fashion we can all understand. I do my best not to use curse words, but fail (sometimes) miserably every day. I thought it was hilarious to hear a Chanel pump wearing, wicked smart scientist use the term "crotch rot" and the infamous "F" word. And, I loved the "hook a sista up." Come on, that's comedy....

I am 49 (OMG, how did this happen?) and would so love to be on hormones. I have been miserable for at least five yrs. I have no insurance and one child still at home (I know, I know, what was I thinking?) and simply cannot afford it. I've thought of buying online, but am afraid I'll wake up one day with a pair, and am fairly sure that will send me right off the cliff.

I live in the most awful, crappy town ever. I'm from LA, but my son's grandmother became ill with lung cancer, the firm I was employed with dissolved, so we came (Central Pennsylvania, ugh) and can't leave her now.  The docs here are approx. 20 yrs. behind the rest of the country.  I'm tired all of the time, I fall asleep even when driving, my TSH is nearly 4.0, but they refuse to give me anything for thyroid, though I have every symptom.  How do you spell M I S E R Y?  Lewistown, PA, that's how.

There is only one radio station, and it's static after 5 pm. I didn't even know that was possible in America. It's crap, anyway. One day I decided to stop complaining and bought an MP3 player. Listening to podcasts has saved my sanity.

OK, I'm going to land my plane now... Early this year I decided to thank the men and women I listen to on podcast. It's May, and this is my 2nd letter. Clearly, I've lost my motivation along with hormones and a properly functioning thyroid. Thank you, TS, for making me laugh and forget time for two entire hours (two podcasts on Underground Wellness w/ Sean).

Keep fighting the good fight.  We need and appreciate you.



Jerri M

Six months ago I won a Life Coaching Scholarship; part of my winning the scholarship was to ‘Pay it Forward’. After working with my coach and figuring out the 7 year process to find my menopausal bliss; I decided to share it with other menopausal friends. My goal to ‘Pay it Forward’ was to help women find good health and perhaps save them some steps in the process.

I remember my first hot flash. I was 44 years old and standing in my office, suited up for business. My back was on fire, my chest was on fire and my fore head and upper lip had beads of perspiration. I wanted to shut the door, pull the shades and take off every article of clothing. This was just the beginning…weight gain, loss of energy and sex drive, all took its toll on my life. I lost a lover in the process and my passion for my business died. I spent a fortune on doctors and lab test. I switched doctors and went to a female doctor, thinking she would better understand what I was going through. She didn’t.

At age 49, I went to my new female doctor armed with a “MORE” magazine article regarding HRT. I poured my heart and soul out to her; only to be told that she would prescribe an anti-depressant prior to trying HRT. I left her office angry and hurt. I hated the anti-depressant 90 day trial and never reported the results to the doctor. At 50, with my weight beyond 235 lbs on my 5ft 8 1/2in frame, my energy gone, my anger barely contained I went back to

the Doctor armed again with the HRT article. I was not leaving the office with out a prescription for HRT therapy. I had to pay for yet another expensive round of blood work before she finally put me on ClimaraPro a synthetic HRT. Life improved somewhat but I still did not feel I had reached optimum health. I choose a patch to administer the drug and it irritated my skin; every week I created a circle sore on my body. I looked like I had been abducted by aliens.

And, this is when the divine intervened. On a whim to leave the cold tundra of Northern America, I booked a flight to Belize. I spent a month traveling around the country and spent some time in the costal town of Placencia. While lying on the beach a bright and cheery lovely women traveler struck up a conversation with me. As women of a certain age we got to the topic of menopause. Caren shared her story and clearly it was what I needed to hear. She sent me home with the assignment to read, T.S. Wiley’s book, “SEX, LIES and MENOPAUSE”.

Within two weeks of being home I went to my doctor and told her about the Wiley Protocol. She sent me to an HRT specialist; she wanted to shoot a pellet in me and wasn’t interested in learning a new protocol. I called my friend Caren, now in Santa Barbra, and asked for help to find a doctor knowledgeable about the protocol. She sent me to the best; Dr Patricia Ryan, a 300 mile road trip from my home.

Nine months later, I just hosted an informational seminar on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with Dr Patricia Ryan as our guest speaker. Thirty women from my circle of friends and acquaintances showed up to learn and help me accomplish my ‘Pay It Forward’ goal. I started the seminar with my testimonial and I stood before them at 206 lbs, energized, sexually alive and feeling like my ole’ wonderful self again. I wore a pair of awesome, sexy jeans that were in the back of my closet for someday. I shared from my heart and if I save just one of them a step in their journey to better health, I win.

Denise in Fort Myers, Fl

I started the Wiley Protocol six months ago because I think I was bottomed out in estrogen.  I had started layering on fat, was tired, just so - so about sex, dry and had developed an anal fissure which I battled for about 6 months before Wiley.  After about 3 months I noticed my libido was in full force and I was out pacing my husband!  (In fact he will be getting his Wiley hormones soon) My chronic anal fissure all but disappeared; I sleep pretty well at night and don't feel tired during the day any more.  I'm still trying to figure out the magic ingredient for weight loss but I am confident that will come too!

I am a mom of 3 kids daughter 12, sons 17 and 18 with a husband busy with his career. I´ll turn 50 in October this year. in 2002 I had a collapse and had to go on antidepressants for a while plus sleeping pills. My older brother and most other relatives died in a very short period, I had been a stay at home mom, low self esteem, trouble sleeping, depressed, gaining weight, feeling old and ugly. But I am a fighter and a Buddhist for 27 years so my daily meditation and strong involvement in supporting others kept me going, but I felt like my body was changing and making me miserable and no doctor could help. I tried diets, tons of exercise but still, I was zapped of energy, my sex drive was gone and I often felt so angry and confused. Luckily, I read Suzanne Somers books and started understanding that I wasn't going insane, I was lacking in vital hormones. I was so fortunate there is one doctor in Stockholm, the only one in Sweden who prescribes BHRT and I went to see him. Since the 1st of May I am on WP Snooz/ Melatonin so no more sleeping pills! Wiley Protocol, Estradiol and Progesterone. I started to feel like young Nina again almost right away, feels like a miracle! I am so grateful. I told my doctor I want to hold support groups for his patients and help many suffering women in Sweden. I am such a happy woman, soon totally hormonally balanced and with a mission. I always told my kids I will live to be a hundred and be healthy (I lost my mother when I was 26 yrs) Now I truly believe I can do that, thanks to the Wiley Protocol.
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