WP Reviews
Terri Ivan Cemail
I am so happy that I found a Healthcare Professional that not only prescribes the WP, but also KNOWS this protocol! I am almost 52, and feel and (am told) that I look 35! THANX WP!
Sandy Lalli
I highly recommend reading Sex,Lies and Menopause. I read all of the books by Suzanne Somers first for a foundation to understand. T.S. Wiley's book book is full of answers and makes perfect sense.
Regina Heising
The Wiley Protocol sounds interesting. Question is: "Does it work?" Well, the courageous pioneers will find out. Sadly, anti aging clinics try to make a profit from all those testis and this is not anti aging! Anti aging products must be available to everyone. Eternal youth requires character, intelligence, stamina and an inner willpower to survive, over a much longer period of time, and nobody can profit from this. It's a free energy source!
Heide Watson
I am currently using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. My life has been so much better since starting them. I have read and tried to review the Wiley Protocol and am very excited about learning more about it. Looking to try it out myself. I keep hearing wonderful reviews and results.
Patti Matsos
I have been on The Wiley Protocol for over 2 years and love it! Friends say I look terrific, I feel energetic and I can THINK again! Thank you WP...
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